Social Service Guild

The social service guild is there to provide financial assistance to the needy and deserving students of the college. Students who wish to avail financial help from the SSG should register their names, furnishing particulars in the prescribed forms available in the college.

National Service Scheme

The NSS has been introduced in this college since 1967 with two units for girls. It promotes a sense of social responsibility, discipline, dignity of labor and a sense of service to the people among the students. The specific objectives of NSS are to arouse social consciousness among students by providing them opportunities to engage themselves in constructive social activities. It enhances their knowledge of the community and using it in mitigating some of the social problems. Many special camps are organized which provides opportunities to the students to work among under-privileged people and help them full fill their basic needs like literacy, environmental cleanliness, health, hygiene and sanitation etc.

Red Cross Society

Youth Red Cross is the Youth branch of the Indian Red Cross Society. Its fundamental principles are promoting health, service to others and fostering a world of friendliness. A Red Ribbon Club has been established in 30th Aug 2008 consisting of a twenty member team Volunteers periodically visit the adopted slum and enlighten the people about AIDS awareness by enacting street plays and by the use of Placards, posters and slogans.


Rover Ranger Unit is universally recognized as one of the world’s largest Youth Movement. It suggests self discipline, service and wisdom. It inculcates the spirit of fellow feeling and togetherness. The Ranger Unit consists of 24 students. They organize self defense training in the college. Hundred students are trained every year by experts and guides in the college premises.

Career Counseling

A career counseling wing of the college invites and conducts meetings from well known institutions. Certain institutions also recruit students from campus selection. Different streams of career are highlighted in the meetings. Students get an opportunity for a better selection of career.


A modern well equipped Gym has been installed in the college for all students since 2005. An expert in the field of Gym and Yoga is employed on a temporary basis to teach Yoga and guide the students to use the Gym equipments effectively.

Language and Communication Laboratory

A Language and Communication Laboratory has been installed in the year 2014. It provides all the advanced technologies for enhancing communication skills among the students.

Self Defence

Since last two years government has been providing fund and guides for self defence training in the college. 100 students are trinedevery year by expertsand guidesin the college premises. Two teachers of the college are incharge of this wing.