Development committee

The college has a development committee to look into the overall development of the college.The development committee is constituted with Principal and few members ofthe teaching staff.

Guest Faculty committee

The Guest Faculty Committee is to select the faculty members to be engaged in the vacant post of various departments for a stipulated period. The committee looks after the selection process and recommends the names of suitable candidates. The committee consists of the Principal as the Chairman, two senior teachers of the college and head of the concerned department & another senior teacher of the department.

Residential Committee

The Residential Committee of the college is formed to look into the issues related to the accommodation of the members of the teaching/ non-teaching staff.

Prepayment Post purchase Committee

The committee studies the quality and authenticity of the articles purchased for the college and recommends/rejects the articles in the best interest of the institution. The final payment is made to the party on the basis of the opinion expressed by the committee. The committee consists of the   Principal as the Ex- Officio Chairman and his/her nominated members.

Purchase Committee

Any purchase made by the college/hostel/departments/library is passed by the Purchase committee. It scrutinizes the quotations invited from the firms /suppliers/printers and approves the lowest quotation for order. The committee consists of the   Principal as the Ex- Officio Chairman, Accounts Bursar, Administrative Bursar, and his/her nominated members. In case of hostels and the departmental purchases the concerned Superintendents, HODs/OICs shall be the members of the committee.

Proctorial Committee

The aim of the system is to establish a genuine personal relationship amongst students and teachers. A Proctor, is a member of the teaching staff of the college remains in charge of a group students. She shall watch from time to time the academic progress and conduct of his group of students. She reports to the Principal and guardians concerning their academic and other activities. The committee meets from time to time to assess the improvement of the students.

Examination Committee

The committee conducts all college examinations like Monthly, Half yearly and Test examinations. It is also responsible for filling up of forms for different University examinations. It publishes the results of college examinations.

Tabulation Committee

There is a committee attached to the examination section to tabulate marks of the college examination before publication of the results. There is a tabulator for each and every class. The tabulation committee is headed by an Officer in charge.

UGC Committee

The UGC is a statutory body of the Government of India to coordinate, determine and maintain of standards of university education in India. UGC renders financial assistance to the college on various heads such as: organizing seminars, conferences, workshops, construction of hostels, college buildings and running different courses. There is a committee in the college to look into UGC affairs.

NAAC Committee

The National Assessment Accreditation Council (NAAC) aims at sustaining and promoting a quality culture in higher educational institutions. It is an autonomous body which assesses and evaluates the qualities of education, infrastructural facilities and accordingly accredits grades to the institutions of higher learning.

Time Table Committee

There is a time table committee to look after the preparation of academic routine for all classes. The committee allots the classes as per the existing University rules. The time table is framed in such a way that a teacher is assigned classes every day.

Admission Committee

The admission committee consists of the Principal as the chairman, the admission in- charge (A.I.C) and three senior teachers.  As per the guidelines of e-admission (SAMS), department of Higher Education the committee nominates faculty members as validating officers and officers in-charge of Help desk for the smooth conduct of admission process. The committee is responsible for solving any kind of problem arising during admission period.

Library Committee

The committee recommends allocation of funds for procurement of books out of grants received from   Govt. & U.G. C. The committee also finalizes the selection of books to be purchased for the library. The committee inspects the library from time to time to congenial study atmosphere inside the library.

Maintenance Committee

There is a maintenance committee to look after the college buildings. It contacts and co-ordinates the concerned Govt. agencies for repair and renovation of the college buildings. The committee comprises of the Principal as the chairman and her nominees as members.

Furniture Committee

Any furniture to be purchased for the institution needs the approval of the furniture committee. The committee takes stock of the existing furniture from time to time.

Furniture Committee

Any furniture to be purchased for the institution needs the approval of the furniture committee. The committee takes stock of the existing furniture from time to time.