About Us

  • Sushilavati Government Women’s College ,Rourkela is one of the premiere women’s educational institutes of Odisha. It was established in the year 1967 under the name Sushilavati Khosla Dayanand Anglo Vedic College with teaching facilities in Arts and Science .It was later taken over by the Government in the year 1989.
  • About College

    Established in 1967, Sushilavati Govt. Women’s College, Rourkela is a prominent women's educational institute in Odisha offering Arts and Science courses. It was originally named Sushilavati Khosla Dayanand Anglo Vedic College College and taken over by the government in 1989.

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    Our Mission

    The institute prioritizes the application of knowledge for the holistic development of students, complementing the dissemination of knowledge. Its objective is to cultivate social awareness, community orientation, and responsible citizenship. With a focus on creating, disseminating, and applying knowledge, the institute endeavors to facilitate students' overall growth.

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    Our Vision

    The college is the final fruition of the noble vision of Madam SushilavatiKhosla,the wife of Dr.Ayodhanath Khosla,the former Governor of Odisha,regarding education and welfare of women of western Odisha.The vision of the institution is women’s education from enlightment to empowerment.

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