• The college library contains more than thirty thousand books which includes text books, reference books and journals.
  • The library remains open in all working days from 9.45 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
  • No book should be taken of the library without the knowledge of the librarian.
  • Books borrowed from the library must be returned to the librarian in time.
  • No writing or marking should be made in the library book and no pictures or pages be removed or disfigured.

All the Science Departments have their own computers. Besides Principal’s office, Accounts, Library also have computers. In (ix) plan the proposal for BCA & a complete computer lab (42 seated) is put. LCD projectors are used by all the departments for conducting seminars and examinations. UNITECH a computer institute sponsored by Govt. of Orissa is functioning in the college for different computer courses exclusively for our students.


A computer laboratory developed through RUSA Infrastructure Assistance Funds having 30 computers with networking, and having ergonomically designed furniture.


A full-fledged multi gymnasium is functional and used by the students as well as the staff under the guidance of an Instructor. The annual college sports meet is well participated and is a colourful event in the college. Outstanding sports enthusiasts participate in Inter college/Inter university and National sports meets. We have coaching facilities in : Basket Ball, Cricket, Kabaddi, Khokho, Badminton. We have also indoor game facilites like Chess & Carrom.


U.G.C. Sanctioned nearly 1 crore for a new hostel building, 60 seated hostel with mess, library, TV, Common Room, Garden & Sports.


There is a small canteen inside the campus to cater to the staff and students.


Proposal submitted to UGC.