Principal's Message

I am happy to welcome all the aspirants to the portals of S.G. Women’s College. In its 48 years of journey, the College has earned the distinction of being a centre of integrated holistic education, congruent with its mission, vision and emerged as a beautiful amalgam of tradition and modern aspects. For me it will be a matter of great pride and intense emotional fulfillment to participate in transforming the distant vision of the founder Smt. Sushilavati Khosla. This is possible due to complete togetherness and earnest effort amongst students, faculty and administration. The institution believes in intellectual, emotional, cultural and social developments of its students and also give them the assurance that when they leave the institution they would symbolize a spirit of enterprise as liberally educated individuals, who can think effectively and critically and can interact with precision cogency and confidence.

Welcome to Sushilavati Government Women’s College and rediscover your-self.


Principal (I/C)